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    Saturday 9th November was a sad day for the Usin-Ekiti community in Ikole Local Government area of Ekiti state as the members of the community woke up to receive the news that a popular indigine of the town and an Okada rider known Bagi was shot dead around 7am that day. Investigations revealed that his immediate younger brother shot him at close range.
    Bagi had gone to his farm in an area called Oko-Usin alongside his woman friend. He and the woman alerted from his bike and he was trying to park his bike while the woman was plucking oranges when the woman suddenly heard a gunshot. According to her, she rushed down to the place and met Bagi struggling in his own pull of blood.
    The woman reported that she saw the attacker covering his face. The attacker then pick the key to the bike and rode away. The woman said she raised alarm and reported to the police who later detained her for further interrogation.
    The good and the bad side of the story is that the bike was driven to Iluo-moba/ Ijan Ekiti area where it was sold. Reports say policemen acting on a signal which they received arrested the buyer of the bike on Sunday 10th November 2019.
    . The receiver of the stolen bike confessed that the younger brother of the deceased by name Ademola was the one who sold the bike to him. Ademola is the immediate younger brother to Bagi. Bagi and Ademola are of the same father and mother. Report also says that Ademola lives in Ido-Ekiti but came to Usin-Ekiti in Ikole area to perpetrate the evil having being given full details of Bagi’s movement by his son who lives with their sick father.
    He was arrested at the police station on Monday 11th November after he showed up to sympathize on the death of his brother. He was shocked when the Police confronted him with the facts of the case. Mr Ademola has confessed but rumour has it that Ademola used his father’s dane gun to commit the murder. It is not yet confirmed if the father has a hand in the conspiracy as being speculated.

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