Abuja Murder: Police Help Suspect To Relocate From Sealed Gwarinpa Building

Amid the investigation into the recent killing of four persons at an apartment in the Gwarinpa area of Abuja, the police have assisted one of the tenants to move out of the building where the incident took place.

THE WHISTLER reports that while cotenants were arrested and the building sealed to aid investigation, a police officer accompanied a cotenant to the sealed building to move her things out.

This website reported that the Federal Capital Territory Police Command on Wednesday confirmed the killing of four people in the building located at No. 31, 62 Road, 6th Avenue, in the Galadima area of Gwarinpa by unknown persons.

One of the deceased persons was identified as Chop Boii, a singer who was killed alongside his producer and two other persons.

The flat where the incident happened is said to be a music studio frequented by different people.

When THE WHISTLER visited the location of the incident on Friday, our correspondent observed that one of the occupants of the building was moving out her belongings in the presence of an unidentified police officer.

The resident, a female who didn’t want her name mentioned, told this website that she and some residents were granted bail and she was permitted to move her belongings out of the building after the police allegedly established that she was not in the compound when the incident occurred.

“This is a murder case; I have been to the state CID (Force Criminal Investigation Department), and I’ve been detained. I’m still dizzy, the trauma is still very fresh, I don’t have the energy to talk,” she said.

Narrating what transpired from accounts of others, she corroborated earlier reports that the suspected killers left a message indicating that one of the persons killed disagreed with the suspects over a girl.

“On Tuesday I was in church and I got a call that there was an incident here, my husband had traveled and wasn’t around.

“My neighbor upstairs that is the deceased’s direct neighbor called me and said that there were four bodies in the compound, I drove down, and by the time I got here there were policemen everywhere with a crowd, and it was raining that day.

“The policemen took us up to Identify which of persons was our neighbor. We only have one person and his friend staying here, so the people that came were his friends.

“That day they took us upstairs we saw that our neighbor and his three friends had been killed hands and legs tied with a girl among them too.

“His friend’s hand was chopped off, and police investigated and said that all the tenants will be detained.

“However, the security guard said there were five persons upstairs and four persons were killed, they couldn’t find the fifth person up till now, and there was a write-up on the wall that read, ‘We warned you to leave the girl alone,’ she continued “as at yesterday being Thursday, the brother of the deceased (Neighbour) told us that the threat had been coming and that they’ve been threatening Pelumi (one of the deceased persons) to leave a certain girl.”

The resident said she alongside other tenants were detained the same night the bodies of the deceased persons were discovered. According to the lady, her husband traveled when the incident took place and has yet to return.

“Our release was on the ground that we were not around at home on the day of the incident and the ones that were at home are still in detention”

Asked why she was relocating from the house, she said, “Currently the place is sealed, but we needed to pick some things, so the policeman came with us to see that we pick some of our things.

“It’s terrible and traumatizing,” she said of her experience, adding “It’s unimaginable knowing that someone you know was killed and butchered like an animal, we haven’t slept, the memory…I’ve not been able to comprehend, seeing my neighbor and every other person suffering from what they know nothing about.”

The lady described the main occupant of the flat where the persons were killed (Peter) as a good guy but noted that does not know his occupation or the kind of business he was into.

To get further clarification on why some of the residents were allowed access to the building while an investigation was ongoing, THE WHISTLER visited the Galadima police division under whose jurisdiction the incident occurred.

But the Police Divisional Police Officer (DPO), CSP Chinyere Akalaga, refused to speak on the matter and instead asked our reporter to visit CID for “any information that you want,” adding “I don’t entertain any interviews and don’t have the power to speak.”

When contacted, the FCT Police Command’s spokesperson, Josephine Adeh, also declined comment.

She told THE WHISTLER: “I don’t have any information, I don’t have any update on this…we are investigating, we can’t speak when investigations are ongoing, we are investigating a homicide case.”

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