Why I insisted on marrying him - A beautiful Nigerian Lady reveals the reasons behind marrying a cripple

After giving the cripple her all for 6 years, a 28-year-old Nigerian woman from Calabar in Cross Rivers State fell in love with the person.

The woman claims that she met the disabled man at a bus stop and that they both boarded a vehicle to travel to Port Harcourt. However, while travelling, she learned that the disabled man is highly intelligent and requires assistance.

She asked him directly about his level of education and how he handled the current economic climate.

He responded with a smile and said that by the grace of God, he had been able to attend the university despite his difficulties.

She internally fell in love with the crippled man as soon as she heard him say this. They exchanged greetings and each other's addresses. She made the decision to provide him with all necessary assistance in this way. Trouble began, though, when she told her parents about the cripple after his graduation. Both of her parents opposed her getting married to him.

Despite her best efforts and all the evidence she could muster, they refused to recognise him as her husband. She sought the advice of pastors and prophets, and they repeatedly foretold that the cripple would turn out to be her soul mate. However, none of the pastors were able to persuade her parents to allow her to wed the man.

She was given some spiritual items by the spiritualist to purchase, which she did quickly. She was instructed to go talk to her parents for a proper discussion after the Spiritualist used the materials to prepare a bucket of water for her to take a bath. When she returned home, she actually had a lengthy discussion with her parents, and to her surprise, they approved of the marriage.

They are now happily married with children, and despite her husband's disability, God blessed him with a well-paying job in the oil industry.

If you love a man no matter what level of society he comes from. Give the person any assistance you can because you never know what the future has in store for you.

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