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Bloodbath In South-East: Many persons killed, more missing in Ebonyi, Benue boundary clash

The people of Ojiogu and Okpochiri Ukwagba Ngbo in the Ohaukwsu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State were in fear and agony as a result of an alleged attack launched against them by their neighbours within the boundary area of Benue and Ebonyi States that left many dead, others injured, and some people missing.

A pregnant woman and a vigilante were killed when gunmen broke into a bar in Akwuke, Enugu South Local Government Area of Enugu State, and opened fire.

In addition to the deaths, Vanguard has reliable information that the ugly incident in Ebonyi also resulted in the destruction of properties worth millions of naira.

An eyewitness who requested anonymity claimed that the warlords from Benue and the Ezza who lived in the border regions were the people who attacked Ngbo people in Ebonyi.

"I saw the people that attacked us," he claimed. They were natives of Ezza and Benue. What transpired was a yearly occurrence that verges on a land dispute.

"Both sides of the divide are vying for land, particularly for farming, which has led to this conflict. Numerous people went missing, numerous others were hurt, and numerous others are now homeless.

It typically occurs each year during the rainy season. A typical land dispute exists there. Throughout the incident, many people ran for cover. People whose homes were destroyed will now be forced to flee their homes.

They are without a place to go. They will seek safety at the homes of their siblings, parents, and in-laws. The people of Benue banded together to combat the Ngbo. That is what I observed on the ground.

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