They do not bath with water, yet give free "Sex" to guests. See what they bath with

African nations that have just gained independence, according to some analysts, are plagued with tribalism. The prevalence of tribal membership, especially among the more progressive sections of newly established governments, has not declined in recent years. Nation, nationality, tribe, and ethnic group are all terms that can be used interchangeably when characterizing oneself or another in Africa, whether by friends or rivals.

Examine one of the African tribes that, in contrast to the rest of the world, does not bathe in water on a regular basis.

Additionally, this Himalayan ethnic tribe dresses infants in beaded necklaces in addition to providing free sex to guests. For fear of being discovered, they isolate themselves and shun interaction with the outside world. They also put out much effort to ensure the survival of their religious and cultural activities.

Vanuatu Tribe; Where Boys Are Forced To Jump Off Tall Towers To Prove Their Strength

The Kunene region of Namibia, which is home to the ethnically varied Himba people, is dominated by farmers and cattle breeders. While the men are out hunting and gathering, the women are hard at work gathering firewood, preparing meals, and locating freshwater sources for the family's needs. It is encouraged to have multiple wives, and young girls are married off at a young age.

The extreme heat of the desert and a scarcity of potable water make it difficult for the Himba people to bathe properly. It's perplexing that these people don't take a bath in running water.

Several Indian women put red ochre on their skin and then take a smoke bath once a day to keep themselves clean, according to the BBC. As the herb bowl fills with smoke, people kneel in front of it with their shoulders lowered in prayer. Perspiration occurs as a result of the heat generated by the bowl, which helps to speed up the body's natural detoxification process. Despite the fact that they do not bathe on a regular basis, their attractiveness is not diminished. They don't have any.

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