ADVICE IS NEEDED: My boyfriend turned down ¢250k from my dad for our wedding, he just wants to spend only ¢50k

Naa, a young lady, appears perplexed by what her lover intends to do on their wedding day.

In a post this morning, YFM appealed to Ghanaians to assist a lady named Naa in resolving a problem that appears to be bothering her.

Naa narrated that, she will be getting married with her boyfriend this very year but the boyfriend has planned to spend ¢50,000 for the wedding ceremony.

However, Naa's father also has his own plans for his daughter and boyfriend. He plans to spend ¢250,000 on their wedding occasion. The father wants a very big wedding ceremony for her daughter.

Naa's boyfriend on the other hand doesn't want to worry his girlfriend's father with such money since he wants to show that he is also capable.

He therefore rejects the ¢250,000 from Naa's dad and plans to use his budgeted ¢50,000.

Naa is confused and she doesn't know what to do. She doesn't know whom to advice. She is therefore asking Ghanaians to help her sought this out.

Below is the full post made by YFM

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