6 Things a Lady Will Do When She Has Feelings For You.

Among the numerous things ladies find difficult to do, is to verbally express their affection for a guy due to the fear of being taken for granted. When a lady is emotionally attracted to a guy, she conforms to the pattern of using gestures – otherwise known as ‘green light’. 

Regarding this article, we shall be examining 6 things most ladies will do when they are emotionally attracted to a guy and also want him for a relationship. See them below.

1. When she values your opinion and equally treats you with respect. 

When a lady is attracted to you, she reaches a level where she treats everything that pertains to you with respect – including your opinion and perception of things. At this point, she will be interested in listening to your conversation, even the ones you do with other people. 

2. She goes out of her way to get you the things you want.

If a lady is fond of gifting you with items you like – and also rendering other forms of support within her capability, then she is obviously attracted to you and wouldn’t mind being involved in a relationship with you. This is also shown when she enjoys spending quality and exhilarating moments with you. 

3. She makes an extra effort to look attractive when coming around you. 

Although, most ladies are in the general habit of appearing gorgeous whether they are going on a date or not, however; studies have shown that quite a lot of ladies tend to pay adequate attention to their looks when going out to meet the man they are attracted to. The rationale behind this pattern is to win the guy’s interest and attention. 

4. When she calls you for no apparent reason. 

Most ladies make it a habit to call the guy there are attracted to for no special reason, most especially when they are bored. This is even more true when they are at a party or ceremony they don’t enjoy or didn’t want to attend. 

5. When she always compliments you. 

When a lady is interested in you, she always looks for a way to compliment your appearance, fashion and even your facial countenance. Women always want to please the men they are interested in, and compliments are among the tools they use in sending the message across. 

6. She shares her problems with you, most especially the ones that pertain to guys. 

The psychology behind this act is centred around the fact that she wants to be close to you and also wants to create an atmosphere that is appealing for an emotional conversation. For instance, if she’s fond of telling you the emotional hurts she receives from guys and how she wants a guy that will sincerely love her, believe me; she is referring to you. The intention behind this practice is to reveal her availability for a relationship and hopes you show an interest. 

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