How To Do UNIBEN Final Year Clearance 2021 (How Much)

After your final exam at the University of Benin (UNIBEN), the next thing is preparation for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). You won’t get UNIBEN Statement of Result and your name will not be On Senate list for NYSC until you have completed UNIBEN Final Year Clearance for 2020. 

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Now, the purpose of clearance is to verify that you passed through the University of Benin without issues and have cleared all your courses from hundred level (year one) to final year (400 level or 500 level as the case may be).

How Long Uniben Final Year Clearance Takes?

If you are very fast, very strong and very lucky, you will be able to do your University of Benin final year clearance within two days. The average time Uniben Clearance takes is one week.

If you are not in a hurry to go for NYSC, you can even decide to spend one month on Uniben clearance. In this case, you are not stressing yourself at all.

How Much Needed For UNIBEN Final Year Clearance?

The total amount of money you need for Uniben Final Year clearance is not fixed. Apart from the standard amount that is fixed by the school, other unnecessary expenses do arise.

For example, after paying for Faculty and Department clearance form, you will need certain persons to sign for you. Each office you enter may demand a little token of about N200 - N1000. Even those in charge of hostel clearance will still expect you to lobby after paying for hostel clearance.

For the above reason, I have given a range of amount below. The lowest is the standard price while the highest amount is the max amount you will be charged irrespective of your Faculty and how much you pay for certain persons to sign for you.

1. Department: ₦1,500 to ₦3,000

2. Faculty: ₦1,500 to ₦3,000

3. Faculty dues: ₦500 to ₦1,500

4. Department Dues: ₦500 to ₦1,500

5. Alumni Fee: ₦900 at access bank and ₦500 cash

6. Sports Complex: ₦100

7. Library: ₦500

8. Hostel: ₦200 at NDDC Hostel and others ₦500

9. Transcript: ₦5,000 (Remita)

10. Endowment ₦1,000 (Remita)

11. Gown ₦6,500 (Remita)

12. Extra Remitta Charges ₦500.

13. Other minor payments…

You can make UNIBEN Final year payments on Remita by yourself. Click here for how to pay for Uniben Endowment, gown and transcript by yourself on Remita.

Students are required to take print out of the online payments of Academic Gown, Endowments, and Transcript to the Bursary to confirm the payment and change the print out to receipts. Then, buy three Post Office Stamps and affix it to each of the 3 receipts. Failure to do so, the receipts will not be accepted.

Stages of UNIBEN Final Year Clearance And Requirements

The University of Benin (UNIBEN) Final year clearance is in ten stages:

  1. Faculty Clearance
  2. Department Clearance
  3. Hostel Clearance
  4. Alumni Clearance
  5. Library Clearance
  6. Sports Complex Clearance
  7. Bursary Clearance
  8. Students Affairs Clearance
  9. Exams and Records Clearance
  10. Waiting for Statement of Result

Uniben Faculty Clearance

This is the first stage of Uniben clearance. Go to your Faculty and buy the Faculty clearance form. You will need to fill your name, Clearance Session, Department and Matriculation number on this form.

The faculty clearance is to prove that you are not in any way indebted to your Faculty and have been cleared by the Faculty. You will be required to take the form to the following persons to sign as the case may be:

  • Workshop or Lab manager
  • Industrial Training coordinator
  • Project supervisor
  • Head of Department
  • Assistant Dean
  • Faculty Officer

If all the names listed on your Faculty clearance for have signed, then you are done with faculty clearance.

Uniben Department Clearance

The department clearance is to certify that you have completed your Programme in the department and is in no way indebted to the department and is therefore duly cleared by the department.

You will need to fill your name, Mat number, course and year of graduation in the department clearance form. Your head of department will need to sign on it to show that you have been cleared.

Some departments will just sell the form to you and ask you to meet HOD for signature. Examples are some departments in Engineering.

Other departments may demand eligibility form, clearance certificate, passport or school fees receipt. Department clearance may cost you between N1,500 and N3,000.

Uniben Hostel Clearance

Hostel clearance is to certify that you have not lost or damaged any of the University property issued to you during the current Academic Session in the hostel. Whether you stayed in school hostel or not, you must do clearance and the Hostel clearance officer has to sign and stamp your hostel clearance certificate.

All you need for Uniben hostel clearance is your department clearance form and school ID card. You are allowed to do this clearance in any school hostel of your choice. You will also need to pay N200 if you are doing it at NDDC hostel. Other hostels charge N500.

Uniben Alumni Clearance

The Alumni clearance is to verify that you have been registered and cleared as a member of the University of Benin Alumni Association.

After Alumni clearance, you will be given an Emblem.  It is a symbol, mark, sign or word that signifies that you are Alumni of the great University of Benin. Alumni office is close to the University library (John Harris) and also close to Hall 1 (Female hostel).

The following are required for Alumni Clearance in the University of Benin:

  • Department clearance slip
  • Evidence of Alumni dues payment
  • N500 fee for Emblem

Uniben Library Clearance

The Uniben library clearance is to certify that you are not indebted to the University Library either by way of loss/damage of library resources or fines. You will be given the library clearance form to fill while you take it to the University Librarian to Sign.

The following are the requirements for Uniben Library Clearance

  • School or Faculty ID Card
  • Department clearance form
  • N500 clearance fee

Sports Complex Clearance

You will need to take Your department/faculty clearance slip to sports complex for clearance. You will be charged just N100. The cheapest so far right?

Uniben Bursary Clearance

The Uniben bursary clearance is to certify that you have meant all the requirements you need to graduate from Uniben. You will have to submit all documents and payments you have made altogether.

The following are requirements for Bursary Clearance (make two photocopies each):

  • ID Card
  • Eligibility Form
  • Print out form from 100 level to final year
  • Acceptance fees
  • History payment
  • Gown Receipt
  • Endowment
  • Department Clearance
  • Faculty Clearance
  • Hostel Clearance
  • Library Clearance
  • Alumni Receipt
  • Sports complex clearance
  • Screening Certificate

Uniben Final Year Clearance in Students Affairs

This is more like repeating what you did at bursary. Take all your receipts and documents so far to the student affairs for your final clearance. The requirements at a glance are:

  1. Departmental clearance slip (Original)
  2. Faculty Clearance slip (Original)
  3. Hostel Clearance slip (Original)
  4. Library clearance slip (Original)
  5. Sports Complex Clearance Slip (Original)
  6. Bursary Clearance Slip (4 photocopies)
  7. Student ID Card or letter of identification (1 photocopy)
  8. Endowment payment receipt (1 photocopy)
  9. Academic Gown payment receipt (1 photocopy)
  10. Screening Certificate (1 photocopy)
  11. Eligibility Slip

Exams And Records Clearance

This is the last stage of Uniben clearance. After exams and records clearance, you will be issued Statement of Result. The following are Requirements for exams and Records clearance.

  1. (One ) Passport photograph
  2. Screening Certificate (1 photocopy)
  3. Bursary Clearance Slip (1 photocopy)
  4. Students Affairs Clearance Slip (1 photocopy)

How Long Does it Take to Get Uniben Statement of Result?

After the University of Benin clearance, the next thing is to wait for your statement of result to be out. This usually takes two weeks. You can say that you are done with the University of Benin after getting your Result.

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