Photos from Femi Fani-Kayode and Gani Adams' meeting in Oyo State

Former Nigerian aviation minister, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, met with Yoruba land's Aare Ona Kakaanfo (Field Marshal), Iba Gani Adams, at his palace in Oyo State on Thursday, July 22. They addressed challenges impacting the Southwest and the way forward, according to him, and he regarded the discussion as fruitful and beneficial.

"It was a great pleasure and privilege to meet with Iba Gani Adams, Yorubaland's Aare Ona Kakaanfo (Field Marshal), earlier today. We addressed current challenges affecting Yorubaland and Nigeria, as well as the path forward. Thank you for receiving me so warmly. The meeting was forthright, candid, frank, fruitful, warm, and productive. It is always a joy to meet you and spend time with you, Aare; may God continue to lead, guide, and protect you."

After Mr Sunday 'Igboho' Adeyemo, the embattled leader of the Yoruba agitation group, was arrested in Cotonou, former Presidential spokesperson Mr Reno Omokri called on the Aare Ona Kakaanfo (the Field Marshal) of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams, and other Yoruba leaders to come together in defence of him.

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