Defection, internal crisis in PDP may cause the party to lose ground in the 2023 general election

I want to draw your attention to some of the party's current issues, which might affect its members' performance in the forthcoming general election. The issues are now impacting the opposition party, and they may become more difficult for the party's leadership to cope with before the start of the upcoming presidential election.

Defection is one of the difficulties that the party is facing, and it has the potential to bring the party down in the year 23 when some major members of the party decide to leave.

The number of prospective politicians leaving the opposition party is increasing every day. Governors who can assist the party in gaining control of their states have been defecting to APC. Late last year, David Umahi of Anambra State switched to the ruling party, even Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara just joined the ruling party.

Apart from defection, the second issue that might stymie the Peoples Democratic Party's (PDP) growth in 2023 is internal problems among the party's members.

There are ongoing issues in many PDP states that are yet to be resolved. Governor Godwin Obaseki has been at odds with some of Edo State's most powerful PDP figures. They believe Obaseki is still a new member of the party and that he has no authority to rule over them as the party's leader. Despite the fact that the party has formed a committee chaired by Dr. Bukola Saraki to investigate the matter, the situation has not yet been resolved.

Also, Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State is facing difficulties in the state, with members of his party pressuring him to address insecurity issues in various sections of the state. Governor Seyi Makinde has been attempting to resolve the situation, but it appears that the issue is beyond the state government's ability to resolve.

I feel these are the two major issues that might destabilise PDP in 2023.

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