Fight or flight 3

"Thanks for dropping me off". I said looking at Ola. The governors son.
"No, don't thank me yet". He looked at me. You can thank me after you have dinner with me". I laughed.
"What! Because I was glad you stole me away, although I didn't ask you too. You shouldn't keep your hopes up about any other thing."
"I didn't ask for any other thing, just dinner." He said smiling.
"You know what... I should better get in" I said opening the car door. He got out too. "You don't need to escort me to the door, I know my way in".
" I wasn't. You didn't give me an answer?"
"Anyone tell you, you're too pushy?"
"No." He smiled. "Maybe".
" Thank you Ola " Raising my hand in salute. I headed inside.
I noticed the door was not locked when I opened it. I paused, going in quietly. Looking around to see if something was wrong.
"Mom! Dad!". Silence greeted me. They left before I did, even said they wouldn't mind if I came back really late. I knew what they were doing. They just wanted me to stay back and mingle. I walked up the stairs, looking down I saw some red dots on the floor. I quickly opened my purse to bring out the gun. I carried it every where now.
" Mom.." I opened their door quietly, the sight that greeted me had me staggering back. "! Mom!" I knew my shouting or crying won't bring her back. I felt for her pulse. I shaked her, crying. No...this can't be. We were all fine- I stopped the thought, where is Dad. They came together. The killer might still be here. I picked up the gun, quickly brought out my phone. Still crying.
"Ola..Ola. Please come back. I need your help." I took the stairs back down, heading to Dad's study. "Dad..Dad?" I saw the blood stains too. As I started to push the door, someone hit me from the back. I fell to the ground, the gun leaving my hand. Turning to see who the attacker was. Too late he Kicked me in the stomach. Damn! He bends down, dropping the stick. He didn't see my blow coming. He punched me back, catching my hand.
"Come on. There are too much blood already." I knew that voice. I turned to see Mr bankole standing over my father's body.
"Sir! You bastard!". I kicked the guy holding me. They were more of them, some other guy comes from no where and they both pin me down.
" Come on child, am sure Rob taught you how to respect your elders." I laughed.
"You must be sick. You killed my father! my family. Your friend. How much did they pay you?!" I spat.
"Pay me?" He laughed. "Pay me for what? I would never collect some money to kill my friend." He chuckled. He came close to me, squatting so we were eye leveled. "Your father had something I wanted. So I came to get it." He said touching my cheek. Shaking my head I spat on his face.
"You will pay for this." I said.
"No child. We don't need that right now. You know how I've always admired you from when you were little." He touched my hair. His hands moved down my dress. I tried to wiggle free, but these two guys where stronger.
"Leave me alone!.. Don't touch me you Bastard! You are a shame! You are an.." What I was about to say came out as a groan. The one holding my hand dealt me with a blow. Mr Bankole stands up.
"Since you want it the hard way." My eyes registered shock as he raised his shirt and unbuckled his belt.
"No!.. What are you doing. You can't do this. Please." I started to cry. " Please go..or just kill me instead. Please." I struggled, but they held me strongly. I cried, I begged. This isn't happening. Not again.
"I told you, I don't kill." He bends down on me. I screamed, shouted, but the one holding my hand remembered the stick he used in hitting me. He striked me on the head. I lost my vision, he hits me again. As I lost consciousness with Mr Bankole still pounding me. I looked at father in the pool of his own blood, the last tears slipped out of my eyes before everything went black.
Ola rushed into the house. The call he received from Omo sounded like she was in danger.
"Omo! Omo!" She was on the floor, he quickly checked for a pulse. Bringing out his phone, he called the ambulance. There was so much blood everywhere. He called the police too, in case the murderers were still around. Five minutes later, they wheeled Omo away taking her to the hospital. Telling the officers that he wasn't ready for any questions they could come to the hospital if they wanted too. At the hospital, the doctors pushed him away as they took her to the ward. He paced around. No one spoke to him when they rushed out and went back in. He thought about calling his Father but no, Dad had more pressing issues than this.
"How is she?" Looking at the elderly tall man standing in front of him.
"I don't know. Sorry, who are you?"
"Ramsey, her Uncle." He looked at him. "More like a family friend. I saw it in the news. I just rushed down here."
"Oh! The news." He nods, trust the press to be so fast. "Excuse me, I need to make some few calls. I've been here for how long and none of them wants to speak to me or tell me anything."
" Okay. Don't worry am not going anywhere." As Ola was about to leave, a doctor comes out. They both stare at him.
"Any news?" Ramsey asked.
"Family?" The doctor asked.
"She is stable now. She got hit in the head. It might take some time before she can recall what really happened, so it will be good if you don't question her. Let her remember the details herself, but thank God no brain injury." He smiled. "There is one more thing" He paused.
"What?" Ola asked.
"Sorry, but it seems she was raped."
"Oh! My God." Ramsey staggered back, clutching his chest.
"What!" Ola exclaimed.
" I'm sorry. The goodnews is that she is alive." The doctor turns to leave. "And am sorry for your lost".

To be continued.
Elizabeth Andrew.

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