STORY: Keeping It (Part Two)

"I don't know when I'll be done with all this." I pointed at the desk. Truth is I could decide to leave it if i wanted to or give someone else to do it. I didn't want to go. 

I preferred my alone time. After having a hot bath. Now with my robe, sitting on my sofa. My glass of champagne in my hand and watching my own kind of movie, that I hope has no porno or I might end up touching myself. Yeah, that's how my life went. The young rich guy who found it hard to mingle with society.

"Whatever. The movie doesn't start till 8. Here is the ticket. Incase you change your mind. "
He dropped the movie tickets and left. I picked it up. Myself, Phil, Rae.. Maybe it wasn't a bad idea. Except for one person. Then I remembered what Dad said that morning. He has been hammering about me getting a life.
"Arrrrghhh. "

"Did you see the way he avoided that car. Thought he was going to die. " Rae said with so much excitement in her voice. She looked like a kid now, with her face shining with happiness.

"Yeah I did. The movie was great. From the lighting, the sound, everything. Really enjoyed myself." Phil said.
"Did you. Adrian? "
"Yes I did. Think coming here was worth more than staying in the office. " I said.
"Yeah. Sometimes we need the fun. I have to go. " Phil said.
"To where?" Rae asked.

"I told someone I would meet them up at the bar. See you in the office tomorrow." Phil said heading towards his car.
"Where is your car? " I asked Rae.
"Came with Phil. I don't stay far from here. I can get a cab or a bus. "
"Really, never figured you for someone who hopped on a moluwe or is it danfo. " I chuckled.

"Sorry, if the rest of us ain't as sophisticated as you are, with your fancy cars you keep changing. " The face that was smiling some few minutes ago like a kid was all gone and in its place was the one who confronted me like a plague anytime I came to the office.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. It was just a joke, I'm so sorry. " I said. She looked at me.
"It's okay. I should be going. "

"No, I should take you home instead. Make sure you get home safe or else Phil is going to bite my head off and that aside, I would like to make sure you got home safe. " I said. She hesitated for a minute before saying okay. She followed me to my car, acting like a gentleman I opened the door for her although my mind told me not too.
"Thank you. " I entered the car.

"So where to? "
"Down this road. Then you take your left. "
"Okay. Sorry about what I said earlier. "
"No.. Its nothing. " Five minutes later, still driving didn't know what to say to her. The silence felt awkward. Cause she kept touching her hair and looking outside the window.

"I know you hate me. " Gosh! Where did that come from. She didn't say anything acted like I wasn't talking to her.
"Right. " I checked my playlist and played Redemption Song by Bob Marley. She started nodding her head and singing along. 

I took the left turn. This was hard, talking to her was hard, she's never made it easier.
"There, right here. "I couldn't tell what the building looked like from inside. The gates were way too high. Her families were rich too but she preferred working at Dad's cause her Dad is friends with my Dad, long story. She got down from the car. Wait not even a thank yo...

"Hate is a big word. Thanks for the ride goodnight." She closed the door. Didn't even wait to hear my reply. She just slammed it. My fault, my fault I went to the stupid movie, my fault I left the comfort of my room, my fault I offered to take her home. My phone rang. Dad. I plugged in my bluetooth.

"Yes Dad".
"What a way to greet your father. " I sighed.
“I'm sorry. Good evening Dad. "
"I am fine. Just wanted to check if you were safe. Although I said something. I didn't know you will take my advice. "
" I am safe Dad. On my way home. Need to go. Can't talk while driving. "
"Okay. Bye. "

To Be Continued.

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