STORY: Keeping It (Part One)

"Dad am leaving." I took my keys from the table as I headed outside. Hmm, which of the cars will suit me today.

"Ahhh! The Ferrari."
"Okay, son." I looked up at the balcony. My sixty year old, rich father who is always looking young.

"And don't come back early". Laughing, he winked at me as he went inside. Shaking my head i got into my car, driving off. As I drove to work that morning, thinking I left so early never knowing other Lagosians were already on the mainland. 

But I relaxed anyway, I was in no hurry. Young CEO. My father owned many companies. But I managed the one in Lagos.
"Buy Gala, buy Gala." The hawker stopped in front of my window. 

I'm not sure he could see me cause the windows are tinted.
"Bottle water, bottle water. " The streets of Lagos. Eko o ni baje. Everyone was hustling, whatever they called it these days. Even the motivational speakers are praying each day to get new lines. Also hustling. Finally the road paved way and I was enjoying my ride.

"Good morning sir, morning sir." The staffs greeted me as I walked in. They respected me, all of them except for my...
"You're late. Mrs Thompson came to look for you. She said I should give you this. " Six feet tall maybe 5.8 the two inches heel added more height. With the way she always held her head high and her nose. 

I would have fired her a long time ago, but Dad was the one that hired her. Said she was a good assistant and I had no right to fire her. I collected the file from her not saying anything. Never knew how one person could be so rude and disrespectful at the same time.

 I opened my office door. Breathing in the new set of flowers placed close to my desk. I didn't know who kept changing the flowers but I wasn't interested. I opened the blinds. The view of the beautiful roads and companies from this top of the office was beautiful.

"My man". Phil burst into my office. My only close friend at the office and even my only friend. His family always came for dinner every Sunday when we were kids, and before I flew to London for my schooling.
"Hey! Phil. Morning. "
"Morning Boss. "
"Stop that." He laughed. Taking his hand. I shook hard.
"I told you, we were going to win you guys last night. " He said.

"Yeah, if we hadn't gotten that penalty we would have won. Everyone knows Arsenal is a dead team. "
"Whatever you want to say, we still won yesterday. " We laughed. She walked into the office. Never knocking. She always did that.
"Hey Rae. Looking good today or should I say as always. " She smiled at Phil, something she has never done to me.

"Thank you. I forgot to give you this other file. " I didn't stretch my hands to collect it. So she dropped it on my desk.
"Mrs Thompson? " I asked arching my brow.
"Yes." She turned.
“Are you still going to see that movie later today? " Phil asked her.
"Yea, sure. See you there. " She smiled again. Phil followed her with his eyes as she closed the door.

"You should just ask her out. "
"Who, Rae? I'm working towards that. " Phil chuckled. Touching his beards. He continued.
"She is one hell of a catch. Man she's beautiful and all that shape like she got them from some goddess." "I am surprised she smiles at anyone, with the way she is always carrying her face and acting all Mrs Simpson like the head mother in a boarding school. " Phil laughed.

"I wonder why you two don't get along. She is cool though." He said.
"I have work to do. I'm sure you do too. "
"Acting like the Boss now. Huh!" He smiled, standing up.
"Okay. I'm leaving. You are coming later. Right? "
"Later, for what? "
"The movie of course. "
"Oh! Not interested. "
"You sure, it's your favorite actor Chan. You know how much you love his movies."
"I don't know when I'll be done with all this." I pointed at the desk. Truth is I could decide to leave it if i wanted to or give someone else.

To be Continued.

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