STORY: Keeping It (Part Four)

"That's what I have been doing Dad, thinking of what to do. I haven't been playing around. "

"Where did you say you were again? "

"I didn't say. "

"Yeah. Like father like son. Rae stopped by." He paused. " She asked about you. " I didn't say anything.

" I felt it weird, cause she never did talk about you whenever I asked her about the company. She even asked if you were okay and safe. "

"Dad I have to go. "

"Go.. Am not done talking. You get your ass back.. " I hung up. Wasn't interested in what he was about to say . I was taking a flight back home, first thing tomorrow morning. Dubai really helped me relax.


"That was some good stunts you pulled out there. " Someone tapped me on the back.

"Thank you Sir. " I smiled.

The people who attended the meeting were all smiling, congratulating me. Said I did a good job and the idea was nice.

"My man! " Phil hugged me. I laughed.

"You did great, the presentation. Everything. The break did you well. "

"I guess so." I smiled.

"Where was it again, maybe I need one to blow off some steam. "

"You don't need one. If you take any, you're fired. " We both laughed.

 Everyone had left the hall. I entered inside to get my files. She was arranging them.

"Was bringing them to your office. " She said. I watched her as she arranged the papers. Noticed her hands were shaking.

"How was the presentation. Every other person is saying the same thing but what do you think about it? " She looked at me.

"That Mrs Thompson will never set foot in this company again and probably never have tea with your father." She smiled. For the first time she smiled at me. I laughed.

"You're really good with jokes..Huh! " She laughed. Moving towards her, helping her with the other files on the desk.



We looked at each other smiling.

"You first. " She said.

"Okay, but what were you going to be sorry about? "

"Don't play smart on me Mister. " She said smiling.

"Wanted to say I was sorry about the kiss. Didn't mean for it to happen, wanted to shut you up. Just wanted to break your defenses. Always acting all snorty around me. But on a second thought, I kinda like the fact it happened cause i wouldn't know if you really hate me. "

"Told you hate is a big word. "

"But you didn't say if it was what you felt. "

"I think you were just too much and i didn't want to act cool around you. " I took her hand and pulled her close. The papers could wait. Pushing them away, I lifted her on the desk.

"Too much Huh!..So you decided acting all Mrs Simpson will chase me away. " Placing my hands on her waist.

"Who the hell is Mrs Simpson. " She chuckled.

"Just someone who disciplined children in boarding house. " She laughed. Wrapping her hands round my neck. I loved her laugh, her smile, everything about her.

"We need to tell Phil, cause I don't want to break his heart. "

"Phil has more important things to do that doesn't relate to the heart. " She said smiling. Whatever that word meant I wasn't interested. Her lips were more inviting than anything about Phil.

The End.

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