Fight Or Flight (Part Two)

"Come on Dad. You're not that old" I stopped. Looking at Dad. He was panting so hard, but he was the one that suggested the jog this morning.

"I know, but I don't think I'm strong as you are. Let's take a break."

"Okay". We walked off the road sitting on the grass. " Thirsty?" I offered him my bottle water.

"Good of you to bring one." He collects it. Drinking fast.

"What you get from all those training and hiking. Even if I don't need it, I know you would." I paused. Looking around. "I missed this place Dad. Everything". He looked at me

" And we are glad you're back." Drawing me close, he kissed my forehead. I smiled.
"Heard the fight the other night." He looked away.

"Nah! It was nothing. We always have that sometimes and she would always come around at the end." He looked at me. Smiling.

"I'm sorry for making her scared. Its not your fault Dad."
"I know. It no ones fault." He looked away. "She has booked your appointment with Ramsey." I looked at him. "We just have to promise her that everything is alright. For her sake."

"I don't need therapy Dad."
"But...for her sake." He looked at me pitifully. Begging me with his eyes. "Atleast Ramsey is more like family." Like telling me that was going to solve anything.

"You haven't told me about the new project you are working on?"

"Just like your father." Sipping from the bottle. "Changing the topic are we?"
"Of course not." I grinned. "Having a scientists for a father what does that make me?

" A person who is always curious." He replied.
"What?.." I laugh. I don't think am the curious type. "I'm not the curious one, you are."

"No.." He denies. Laughing. "You are". I really missed this. The fun, the air, the joking around with Dad. I missed everything, if I could.. No not going down that lane. Don't think I need therapy either. I just laughed with him.

Later in the evening.

I kept on typing on my system. It felt like heaven just opened a gush of new thought into my head. Mom stepped into my room holding a package in her hand. I looked at her.

" Hey! Mom." She smiled at me. Something felt funny.
"Hey! Love. We are going for a party. Get dressed." Dropping the bag on my bed.
"Party? Mom I have work to do. I've this book I just started and..."

"I'm not taking no for an answer. We need to go out. We need the fun." I just stared at her. I think she is joking.

"Mom, you of all people should know I don't like parties and the thought of a dress. Gosh!" I needed to convince her I could not go, but her expression didn't change.

"I've said my piece. The Governor invited us and since he wants us there, you're going and that's final. Call me to fix your hair when you're done." She winked at me. Walking towards the door.

"Mom..Mom, come on" she closed the door behind her. Really, a party. Can't believe I still get bossed around by her. I stood up to check the content of the bag. "Damn! a red dress". I grimaced. How well to ruin my evening.

Stepping into the hall with my beautiful wife by my side. I greeted some faces that looked familiar.

Those from my work and some government officials. The hall wasn't too parked with people. Omo said she needed some air before she came in. I smiled as I saw the governor walking towards me.

" Mr Bankole" I said. Smiling at the Governor, who so happens to be my friend.
"Rob..Rob. The youngest scientist with his beautiful wife." He said. Taking my hand in his grip. "Hello Nora." He smiled at her.

"Oh! Come of it. You know am not that young."
"What!" He laughed "Don't think cause of that child you're old." I laughed with him.
"I think i should go join the Ladies and leave you men to your jest." Nora said.

"Oh! Now you want to run." He smiled.
"Come on Babe. You're supposed to be helping me out here" I looked at her.

 "No way." She said leaving
"Let her go. It's not the first time. That's how she has been doing since highschool." We laugh. He was right. We all attended the same school. I smiled, looking at Nora with the other ladies.

"Yeah. Never one to stand an argument between two friends." I said.
"You're one lucky man. She should have married me instead cause I'm the governor."

"Thank God she liked science." We both laugh.
"So where is my beautiful girl. Omo. Been years" I looked around. She should be inside by now. I know she needs time to heal. I thought the party will do her good.

"She should be here somewhere. Said she needed some air before she came in"
"Oh.." His expression changed. "That child would have been through a lot". Yeah, but she is a tough one. Finally. There is my baby girl. Catching her eye. She smiled back, as she walked to meet us.

" Hey! Dad. " looking at the Governor. "Good evening Sir" she smiled at him.
"Is that anyway to greet your father's only friend." He smiled at me and pulled her close. Hugging her. "How are you, you're all grown up. This one is now a woman." I noticed the discomfort in her eyes as she muttered, I'm fine sir. Giving him an uncomfortable smile and moving out of his embrace. "Rob. Children grow so fast."
"When I was saying am old, you were laughing." I smiled.

"No, you don't look old. Come you should meet my son. He is back from the States." He looked around finally seeing his son. He motioned on one of the guards standing there to call him.

The handsome young man walked towards us. I could see the look in eyes of someone who didn't like the fact he was at the party in the first place.

"Ola, you remember that my friend the scientist, the one I told you about. The one i told you i almost married his wife..." The kid rolled his eyes. I tried to hide my laugh.
"Yes,yes, Dad. I remember." Although his expression was that of one who didn't understand what his father was saying but needed to cut him short. He smiled at me stretching his hand. "Please to meet you sir."

"The pIeasure is mine. Your father told me so much about you. Heard you're now a lieutenant."
"Yes I am" He replied. Smiling.

"Here, this is my daughter Omo. Just came back from the military."
"Okay. Forces in the family Huh!.." He smiled at her taking her hand. "Nice to meet you"
"Same here". He held the hand a little bit longer.

" Dad you won't mind if I steal her away. Right?" He didn't even look at him, and why should he be asking his father instead of me.
"No..." Omo was starting to say.
"Of course not. " I quickly cut in. Giving her that look that said behave. I needed her to have some fun and start to live life as normal.

"Why will I mind. I and Rob have something important to discuss anyway." I looked at the Governor. Discuss what, he didn't tell me anything of such when he sent the invitation.

"Right." Ola replied. Smiling sheepishly at Omo. Still holding her hand, they left.
"We have something to discuss? You didn't say?" I looked at him.

"Come Rob. Let's go to my study. Its not something we need to discuss in the open" I didn't like the sound of that. I wasn't here concerning business I was here for the fun.

Even still, since when did the Governor ever discuss anything about that business with me. The hairs at the back of my neck stood as I followed him to his study. I turned back to look at my wife but she was preoccupied. Laughing with the ladies, wouldn't even know if something was amidst.

To be continued

Elizabeth Andrew

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