Keeping it 3

The next day at the office as I walked in I ignored the staffs, didn't check if the receptionist was there Just went straight to my office. Opening the door, I picked up my phone.
"Hold all my calls for today. Whatever schedule I have, need you to take care of it and don't barge into my office or let anyone in except it's an emergency. " I hung up. Taking off my jacket and opening the blinds. I needed to get this work done. Mrs Thompson had already called Dad telling him I was incompetent with her accent which were from different parts of the world.  She was hoping on buying the company. Company I had plans to buy smaller enterprises, going out to the big market and making every sales look great. And now Dad was listening to her, maybe having tea with her later today instead of sending her to me. To me, since I am the manager.
"I said don't come in. Didn't you get my message. " I turned back staring at her with rage in my eyes. She still came forward closing the door behind her.
"You need to see this. " Showing me the Pad.
"I said you should handle everything today. I don't want you disturbing me. " She kept on talking.
"You have a meeting with the other heads of the department and they don't think you need to reschedule. "
"What the fuck is wrong with you! "
"Don't use that tone on me! " She fired back.
"What did you say. " I advanced towards her. She didn't move.
"Lady you work for me, and anything I say you will do." "I don't work for you Mister. I work for your Father. "
"As you can see I am the manager. He gave the company to me, which makes me the owner. What exactly is your problem Rae, why can't you just do a single thing I say."
"Maybe when you start talking to people politely. " she replied.
"Don't you even start on being polite. You..." I took a step towards her.
" You are the worst set of female i have ever met in my life. You never smile always acting like you hate your job. Not to talk of your manners when you see me every morning. The rest of the staffs down to the janitor is more polite than you will ever be! ". I barked at her, standing in front of her now. Breathing hard. Her straight hair falling down her face, always left them down. No makeup, just lips which she always applied lip gloss too and damn it she was beautiful. With her high cheekbones and her lips. Whatever happened next, happened in a flash. I grabbed her by the waist. She holding my head. I felt the kiss down there. It was hot, she was kissing me back with the same passion. I never intended this to happen, even if I did. Just wanted to break her defences but I was enjoying it. My tongue touched hers and shied away. I needed to stop. head was screaming.
"My man". I pushed her away. If Phil had suspected the change in the air between us, he didn't say. Rae picked up the Pad she wanted to show me and left. Not even saying anything to Phil.
"Did I do anything wrong? " He asked, still standing in front of the door.
"I need a moment alone, maybe a day. "
"What happened, what's wrong? "
"Will tell you later, need to go. Can you help me tell the other heads of the department that I am not around so they should reschedule. Or probably have the meeting with you and Rae there. " I took my jacket and my bag.
"Are you sure you're okay? " He asked smiling. I ignored him.
"I'm fine. Just fill in for me. I owe you. Thanks. " I tapped him on the shoulder and headed out. I didn't turn to see if Rae was in her office, but I felt her gaze on me.

"Adrian, it's a week now. You can't just opt and leave like that. Without telling the workers you will be away for so long and you didn't even tell me. "
"Dad I needed a break. "
" A break from what? Told you Mrs Thompson got something up her sleeves and you're talking about a break. " I stood up taking my papers from the chair.
"You need to be at the office now more than ever. Working your asses off if you really need this company to stay alive. "

To Be Continued.

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  1. Damn, they kissed. Really didn't see that coming. Please post the next episode. Best story line ever😍🤗